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Arrival City film trailer is up!


Out of Africa: Sustainability Basics

                      In the UK, as in most affluent countries, sustainable architecture is defined by factors like carbon footprint, energy performance, waste management, daylighting and the occasional bat-box, to score that last BREEAM point. Regulation and ratings are critical in a £90Billion industry where commercial viability and climate … Continue reading


Ahh – feels like finishing a jig-saw puzzle: just finished planning a day-trip, a conference weekend, 2 months on a traveling gig, and a round of holiday visits. The future’s looking much more settled now.

Yay team!

A quick shout-out to another blog I co-edit and contribute to, HMS Beagle Project, just named one of the top 50 female science blogs of 2012 by Open University! Congrats and huge thanks to US biologist and NASA astronaut candidate (really!) Dr Karen James, UK science communicator extraordinaire and Olympic mega-fan Anna Faherty, Australian PhD … Continue reading

Arrival City: how life on the fringe is shaping the world

I seem to move around at an ever-increasing pace these days, at last count having stayed in 38 places over the last 4 months, packing/unpacking 39 times, and closing or reconfiguring storage in three countries. Shedding weighty items like books, which I adore buying but have little time to read and no place to keep, has … Continue reading

Labour market picking up

Labour market picking up

Well, which one would YOU choose?

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What a walk in the garden can do…

By Sitala Peek, BBC News Birmingham   Rising early each morning, the young Charles Darwin and his brother Erasmus were led by their father Robert on a walk of silent contemplation around the grounds of their home in Shropshire. The daily ritual lasted about half an hour and was designed to encourage the boys to … Continue reading

Shipwrecks in the Night and Dickens’s 200th

  Just read Richard Carter’s great article about the 1859 ‘Storm of the Century’. In it, he cites Charles Dickens’s piece on the tragic wreck of a cargo ship in the Irish Sea, where nearly 460 lives were lost. Dickens’s The Uncommercial Traveller, where the account appeared, is one of my all-time favourite travel books – … Continue reading

2 for 2

2 for 2 on grant applications this month! Quick, write more (and buy lottery tickets…).

Training to work

Something delicious about solo train travel for work, isn’t there?

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