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Arrival City film trailer is up!



Just dropped a pair of sweat-/track- pants by the bed for the thousandth time before turning in, and realised the habit of having clothes – and glasses – to hand came from being in an abusive relationship (and then being stalked). That was only 3+ years of individual ‘aversion therapy’, and I imagine surviving a … Continue reading

Yay team!

A quick shout-out to another blog I co-edit and contribute to, HMS Beagle Project, just named one of the top 50 female science blogs of 2012 by Open University! Congrats and huge thanks to US biologist and NASA astronaut candidate (really!) Dr Karen James, UK science communicator extraordinaire and Olympic mega-fan Anna Faherty, Australian PhD … Continue reading

Girls gettin’ their boots on

During solo travels in the last few years (because you don’t notice as much in a group, do you?), I kept spotting women travelling on their own – usually older, usually doing something interesting, always willing to talk and share a tip or ask a question. One had returned to her favourite Paris café, taking … Continue reading

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