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Arrival City film trailer is up!


Mapping London’s many languages

Order out of chaos? Thankfully not

The London Circle Walk Repost from Michael Brunström’s unpronounceable blog and delightful idea: A few years ago (quite a number of years ago, in fact), I was sitting in The Lock Tavern in Camden with Tim Wilson…We were several pints into the conversation and for reasons unknown we were discussing the work of the ‘land … Continue reading

Charles Darwin, father of… shrubbery?

American polymath Benjamin Franklin, 10th and youngest son of a working-class family, had to leave school at age 10. Sir Ernest Shackleton was invalided out during his first Antarctic trek; he was later marked for heroism in saving the crew of Endurance. Marie Curie (a.k.a. Maria Sklodowska) was refused entry by Krakow University because she was female, and went … Continue reading

Video: 24 Hours On Rivington Street

Take 2 minutes and 10 seconds out of your busy day to watch this enchanting time-lapse video by London-based Plastik. You’ll be a happier, calmer person for it. Then, if you can spare a good amount more time, have a nose through their portfolio of public and commercial work. While the plebes in the art … Continue reading

Hanbury Street

Hanbury Street, a photo by Joe Dunckley on Flickr. Check out the Saturday London Street Art tour, offered by Vandalog.org Then find a pub and argue about it.

The London Tube Map, Redesigned For A Multiscreen World

From Fast Company Design – Mark Noad’s excellent take on the classic London Tube map. This explains so much (though there is still no excuse for the Northern Line). The London Tube Map, Redesigned For A Multiscreen World

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