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Originally posted on Arrival City:
  March 31, 2013: OK, getting a little itchy. Just 1 or 2 minor tweaks left and we’ll release the first demo – a 1:15 teaser that will be our ‘calling card’ – THIS TUESDAY! Have watched it, oh, a few times now … Right. On to the proper demo!…

Proper, grown-up website!

  Just launched the documentary’s very own website at http://www.arrivalcityfilm.com – next up: the first demo! Come visit!  

Happened across this on a search. Storm-surge battering the port of Stonehaven, where my family’s from. Dunno if I like the storm itself, the scrappy little harbour or the lunatic filming it best, but it makes me smile.

New blood for ailing cities

Great story out of Syracuse, NY, where they’ve decided to attract and embrace immigrants as part of the city’s revitalization effort. From Mayor Stephanie Miner: “Our innovation is predicated on an underlying belief that our New American residents are not problems to be minimized, nor clients to be served, but assets to empower. We are … Continue reading


Just dropped a pair of sweat-/track- pants by the bed for the thousandth time before turning in, and realised the habit of having clothes – and glasses – to hand came from being in an abusive relationship (and then being stalked). That was only 3+ years of individual ‘aversion therapy’, and I imagine surviving a … Continue reading

I hate relying on Starbucks. But I hate going without caffeine, toilets and wifi too. Such a whore for convenience.

Labour market picking up

Labour market picking up

Well, which one would YOU choose?

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[Pending] Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Figures. I’m 10 days away from a 4-month absence, and everything in London seems just a little brighter and better than usual. We’re seeing Peter and the Wolf live at Royal Festival Hall tomorrow; a rogue swimmer crashed the Oxford-Cambrige Boat Race today to protest elitism; Boris called Ken a “fucking liar” publicly (and repeatedly) and will no … Continue reading

Just right.

Ponder of the week: Fourth planet found in the potentially habitable Goldilocks Zone of a ‘neighbouring’ star. In a press release, team member Steven Vogt of UC Santa Cruz said: “The detection of this planet, this nearby and this soon, implies that our galaxy must be teeming with billions of potentially habitable rocky planets.” But do they call? No.

2 for 2

2 for 2 on grant applications this month! Quick, write more (and buy lottery tickets…).

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