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Arrival City film trailer is up!


Order out of chaos? Thankfully not

The London Circle Walk Repost from Michael Brunström’s unpronounceable blog and delightful idea: A few years ago (quite a number of years ago, in fact), I was sitting in The Lock Tavern in Camden with Tim Wilson…We were several pints into the conversation and for reasons unknown we were discussing the work of the ‘land … Continue reading

Arrival City: how life on the fringe is shaping the world

I seem to move around at an ever-increasing pace these days, at last count having stayed in 38 places over the last 4 months, packing/unpacking 39 times, and closing or reconfiguring storage in three countries. Shedding weighty items like books, which I adore buying but have little time to read and no place to keep, has … Continue reading

Act locally… very locally

The native vegetation camp might not agree, but these little gardens are a lovely break – and people’s reactions are just as fun. What could you do in your own slice of city? Click through for the video…

Softly, softly… infrastructure is shifting right under our noses

I’ve been renting an apartment in my old neighbourhood, Montreal’s sought-after Plateau/Mile End hipsterplex. I was warned by the owner to look both ways when walking out the door, since one of the city’s busier bike paths is 2 steps away (before the parking and roadway). No mishaps so far, and it’s been nice hearing … Continue reading

2 for 2

2 for 2 on grant applications this month! Quick, write more (and buy lottery tickets…).

Video: 24 Hours On Rivington Street

Take 2 minutes and 10 seconds out of your busy day to watch this enchanting time-lapse video by London-based Plastik. You’ll be a happier, calmer person for it. Then, if you can spare a good amount more time, have a nose through their portfolio of public and commercial work. While the plebes in the art … Continue reading


There is no decent delivery in my neighbourhood – not even Deliverance delivers. That’s good, right?

Hanbury Street

Hanbury Street, a photo by Joe Dunckley on Flickr. Check out the Saturday London Street Art tour, offered by Vandalog.org Then find a pub and argue about it.

Procrastination, thy name is connectivity

OK, must finish Sustainable Urban Design assignment TODAY, but only have 5.7hrs remaining on my Sketch-Up evaluation period, and I’m not that fast. I can submit sketches to show flood planning, right? Yeah, of course I can. It’s not like I want to pass or anything…

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