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Softly, softly… infrastructure is shifting right under our noses

I’ve been renting an apartment in my old neighbourhood, Montreal’s sought-after Plateau/Mile End hipsterplex. I was warned by the owner to look both ways when walking out the door, since one of the city’s busier bike paths is 2 steps away (before the parking and roadway). No mishaps so far, and it’s been nice hearing … Continue reading

Bus stuck in street hole – Montreal – CBC News

Bus stuck in street hole – Montreal – CBC News. I think this is a hoax perpetrated by Toronto. Or possibly a hole perpetrated by Toronto. Either way.

More local markets set to sprout across Montreal’s Plateau

       Montreal’s progressive Plateau Mont Royal borough will be home to seven (yes, 7) new farmer’s markets this summer. Granted, they’re only open one day a week to start, and operate on what one skeptic called “banker’s hours” – fairly irrelevant to the student, freelance, work-from-home, family and somewhat-employed demographic common to the Plateau – … Continue reading

Kissing a legend goodbye

Montreal’s Hour Magazine lamented by its own Three Dollar Bill Bugs smooches mentor Nick Auf der Maur Richard Burnett , 7/4/11 –  Well, it has come to this: The global decline of newspapers has claimed yet another victim, Montreal’s venerable Hour magazine, at least as you’ve known it, which for almost 20 years has always … Continue reading

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