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Arrival City film trailer is up!


Mapping London’s many languages

Thinking outside the brief: Arup “gets” Green Sky week

Open-City’s Green Sky Thinking Week is about ideas. Big, small, failed, famous – doesn’t matter. The idea is to share interesting experiences in sustainable urbanism, spark dialogue and ideally generate more ideas. You might think Arup’s London team wouldn’t step too far out of the box. They’re part of a humming global corporation and an event sponsor, … Continue reading

Out of Africa: Sustainability Basics

                      In the UK, as in most affluent countries, sustainable architecture is defined by factors like carbon footprint, energy performance, waste management, daylighting and the occasional bat-box, to score that last BREEAM point. Regulation and ratings are critical in a £90Billion industry where commercial viability and climate … Continue reading

Order out of chaos? Thankfully not

The London Circle Walk Repost from Michael Brunström’s unpronounceable blog and delightful idea: A few years ago (quite a number of years ago, in fact), I was sitting in The Lock Tavern in Camden with Tim Wilson…We were several pints into the conversation and for reasons unknown we were discussing the work of the ‘land … Continue reading

Act locally… very locally

The native vegetation camp might not agree, but these little gardens are a lovely break – and people’s reactions are just as fun. What could you do in your own slice of city? Click through for the video…

[Pending] Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Figures. I’m 10 days away from a 4-month absence, and everything in London seems just a little brighter and better than usual. We’re seeing Peter and the Wolf live at Royal Festival Hall tomorrow; a rogue swimmer crashed the Oxford-Cambrige Boat Race today to protest elitism; Boris called Ken a “fucking liar” publicly (and repeatedly) and will no … Continue reading

Londonist takes the mayoral election seriously. ish.

In early February, Londonist asked a group of “London experts” for their predictions for the upcoming mayoral elections. More entertaining than scientific, but hey. Here’s an extract: As part of the event, we asked attendees to give their opinions on twelve questions on about the elections, and totted up the results for a quick picture of … Continue reading

England, that green and line-dried land…

One of the things I love about the UK is the smell of clean laundry. You get it less in places like Canary Wharf, I assume because bankers et al dry-clean, or their neutral-toned view flats are equipped with German-engineered washer/dryers… Everywhere else, though, that lovely aroma turns up, cutting through the funk and fumes, often … Continue reading

Video: 24 Hours On Rivington Street

Take 2 minutes and 10 seconds out of your busy day to watch this enchanting time-lapse video by London-based Plastik. You’ll be a happier, calmer person for it. Then, if you can spare a good amount more time, have a nose through their portfolio of public and commercial work. While the plebes in the art … Continue reading

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