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Thinking outside the brief: Arup “gets” Green Sky week

Open-City’s Green Sky Thinking Week is about ideas. Big, small, failed, famous – doesn’t matter. The idea is to share interesting experiences in sustainable urbanism, spark dialogue and ideally generate more ideas. You might think Arup’s London team wouldn’t step too far out of the box. They’re part of a humming global corporation and an event sponsor, … Continue reading

Order out of chaos? Thankfully not

The London Circle Walk Repost from Michael Brunström’s unpronounceable blog and delightful idea: A few years ago (quite a number of years ago, in fact), I was sitting in The Lock Tavern in Camden with Tim Wilson…We were several pints into the conversation and for reasons unknown we were discussing the work of the ‘land … Continue reading

What a walk in the garden can do…

By Sitala Peek, BBC News Birmingham   Rising early each morning, the young Charles Darwin and his brother Erasmus were led by their father Robert on a walk of silent contemplation around the grounds of their home in Shropshire. The daily ritual lasted about half an hour and was designed to encourage the boys to … Continue reading

Cruelly mis-used surname of the day

Forgot about the term “tayloris[or -z]ation” until now. I prefer it to mean “the lightening of mood through the use or butchery of regional accents.” But no… From the aptly-named Mid-Career programme on Office Building Design, we find this about the development of building typology: “Offices…gradually became more open, abandoning the structures of ‘domestic’ architecture … Continue reading

The self-consuming city

Starbucks? a hotel? condos? If the building survives, it won’t complain. What offends it is being called a dangerous structure. And all the bastards pissing on it, but it’s used to that.

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