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Act locally… very locally

The native vegetation camp might not agree, but these little gardens are a lovely break – and people’s reactions are just as fun. What could you do in your own slice of city? Click through for the video… Advertisements

What a walk in the garden can do…

By Sitala Peek, BBC News Birmingham   Rising early each morning, the young Charles Darwin and his brother Erasmus were led by their father Robert on a walk of silent contemplation around the grounds of their home in Shropshire. The daily ritual lasted about half an hour and was designed to encourage the boys to … Continue reading

Deadheading in the Commons

Streatham Common Park Rangers and services pruned. lopped. pollarded. hewn. deadheaded. okay, axed. I shouldn’t poke fun. It just seems vastly unfair that I’ve discovered Streatham Common’s lovely Rookery gardens right as they’re about to come under the Lambeth Council axe. As an admittedly small part of widespread national cuts imposed by central government, the … Continue reading

Lost in Bankside

Or, at least as lost as it’s possible to be in about 20 square blocks laced with railroad tracks and construction fences… Spent a thoroughly enjoyable morning wandering this intensely mixed-use neighbourhood with the Bankside Residents Forum and about a dozen new and old residents. Like most of central London, the area is extremely dense, home … Continue reading

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