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I hate relying on Starbucks. But I hate going without caffeine, toilets and wifi too. Such a whore for convenience. Advertisements

Surprise, surprise: IPCC [re-]reports rise in extreme weather tied to climate change

Get used to sights like this. How many times do we have to be told? Yes, global warming is a cause of climate change, and yes, it’s also one of its effects, but what people will be most affected by in these early days – and what may convince the disbelievers, albeit too late – … Continue reading

Top 10 airports… for something

Beijing Airport / PEK – Foster and Arup’s sweeping, cathedral-like ceilings are large-scale public architecture and engineering at their best. Too bad the food, service and shops are rubbish. Still, if you have a hang-over, you can get a frappucino followed by noodle soup. Also, getting picked up by a driver airside and rushed through … Continue reading

Rage against the BS

Nothing like a little rage against the [artificially cute] machine to start your day off right… According to Sabotage Magazine‘s Lucy Sweet, “there are two kinds of companies in this world. Heartless multinationals who leave you on hold in India for 5 hours and fleece you with hidden charges, and hippy capitalists who make smoothies … Continue reading

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