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Arrival City film trailer is up!


Happened across this on a search. Storm-surge battering the port of Stonehaven, where my family’s from. Dunno if I like the storm itself, the scrappy little harbour or the lunatic filming it best, but it makes me smile.

Out of Africa: Sustainability Basics

                      In the UK, as in most affluent countries, sustainable architecture is defined by factors like carbon footprint, energy performance, waste management, daylighting and the occasional bat-box, to score that last BREEAM point. Regulation and ratings are critical in a £90Billion industry where commercial viability and climate … Continue reading

Shipwrecks in the Night and Dickens’s 200th

  Just read Richard Carter’s great article about the 1859 ‘Storm of the Century’. In it, he cites Charles Dickens’s piece on the tragic wreck of a cargo ship in the Irish Sea, where nearly 460 lives were lost. Dickens’s The Uncommercial Traveller, where the account appeared, is one of my all-time favourite travel books – … Continue reading

Surprise, surprise: IPCC [re-]reports rise in extreme weather tied to climate change

Get used to sights like this. How many times do we have to be told? Yes, global warming is a cause of climate change, and yes, it’s also one of its effects, but what people will be most affected by in these early days – and what may convince the disbelievers, albeit too late – … Continue reading

Mongolia bids to keep city cool with ice shield experiment | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Geo-engineering trial aims to store winter temperatures in a giant block of ice that will cool and water Ulan Bator in summer. Guardian Online: Mongolia bids to keep city cool with ice shield experiment | Environment | guardian.co.uk. Well, my feelings about this are in the comments following the article, but while the natural engineering involved … Continue reading

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