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Londonist takes the mayoral election seriously. ish.

In early February, Londonist asked a group of “London experts” for their predictions for the upcoming mayoral elections. More entertaining than scientific, but hey. Here’s an extract:

As part of the event, we asked attendees to give their opinions on twelve questions on about the elections, and totted up the results for a quick picture of what they thought we could expect from 2012′s Ken vs. Boris grudge match. Next we asked what the most important issues would be at the elections, and transport dominated, with the leading option being transport fares, closely followed by transport infrastructure, with housing and policing in joint third place…

In the second part, most thought that “Boris is an old Etonian who thinks it is his right to be mayor, but would rather be Prime Minister”, though the second most popular choice was “Boris is a pretty decent chap actually”. When we asked about Ken, most chose that “Ken Livingstone is a grasping scheming politician who will do anything for power”, though the second largest group chose “Ken Livingstone is an old man who likes newts”.

via London Expert Predictions For The Mayoral Elections | Londonist.



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