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Charles Darwin, father of… shrubbery?

American polymath Benjamin Franklin, 10th and youngest son of a working-class family, had to leave school at age 10. Sir Ernest Shackleton was invalided out during his first Antarctic trek; he was later marked for heroism in saving the crew of Endurance. Marie Curie (a.k.a. Maria Sklodowska) was refused entry by Krakow University because she was female, and went … Continue reading

England, that green and line-dried land…

One of the things I love about the UK is the smell of clean laundry. You get it less in places like Canary Wharf, I assume because bankers et al dry-clean, or their neutral-toned view flats are equipped with German-engineered washer/dryers… Everywhere else, though, that lovely aroma turns up, cutting through the funk and fumes, often … Continue reading

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