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Word of the week: Nugatory – Wiktionary lists 3 sets of synonyms along the lines of trivial or invalid, and all of which are more commonly in use. Alt. Definition #1: “I had to make my already-dull report seem more academic.” Alt. Definition #2: “Where sinful candy goes to await Judgment.” Advertisements

Top 10 airports… for something

Beijing Airport / PEK – Foster and Arup’s sweeping, cathedral-like ceilings are large-scale public architecture and engineering at their best. Too bad the food, service and shops are rubbish. Still, if you have a hang-over, you can get a frappucino followed by noodle soup. Also, getting picked up by a driver airside and rushed through … Continue reading

Girls gettin’ their boots on

During solo travels in the last few years (because you don’t notice as much in a group, do you?), I kept spotting women travelling on their own – usually older, usually doing something interesting, always willing to talk and share a tip or ask a question. One had returned to her favourite Paris café, taking … Continue reading

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