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Word of the Week: Curtilage (no, not cartilage)

Word of the Week: Curtilage (no, not cartilage) – According to Wikipedia, “the curtilage is an important legal term to define the land immediately surrounding a house or dwelling…but excluding any associated ‘open fields beyond’… where ‘intimate home activities’ [why that doesn’t have its own wiki amazes me] take place. It is an important legal concept in some jurisdictions for the understanding of burglarytrespass, and in relation to planning controls. [i.e. when you can shoot people in the US, and where you can’t have double-glazed windows in the UK]

“… it may be a matter of some legal debate as to where the private area ends and the ‘open fields’ start.” [See above re “when you can shoot people”]

“Curtilage is rarely mentioned by name in fiction [again, shocking]; however, in Dirty Sexy Money … one of the characters, Letitia, is under house arrest … and her lawyer defends her right to be outside on her lawn, since it is covered under curtilage.” I wonder if you can get that in blue?

Sorry. I’m easily amused.



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