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Video: 24 Hours On Rivington Street

Take 2 minutes and 10 seconds out of your busy day to watch this enchanting time-lapse video by London-based Plastik. You’ll be a happier, calmer person for it. Then, if you can spare a good amount more time, have a nose through their portfolio of public and commercial work. While the plebes in the art … Continue reading

Word of the Week: Curtilage (no, not cartilage)

Word of the Week: Curtilage (no, not cartilage) – According to Wikipedia, “the curtilage is an important legal term to define the land immediately surrounding a house or dwelling…but excluding any associated ‘open fields beyond’… where ‘intimate home activities’ [why that doesn’t have its own wiki amazes me] take place. It is an important legal concept in some jurisdictions for … Continue reading


There is no decent delivery in my neighbourhood – not even Deliverance delivers. That’s good, right?

August 2011: London joins the Feral City club. Politely.

3 days of riots around the city, with more expected tonight. And then there are these guys: the Post-riot clean up Facebook group, with real live clean-ups and community gatherings around the city. Maybe it’s not quite the end of the world as we know it. Still, hope the police and firemen got some sleep today.

Hanbury Street

Hanbury Street, a photo by Joe Dunckley on Flickr. Check out the Saturday London Street Art tour, offered by Vandalog.org Then find a pub and argue about it.

The London Tube Map, Redesigned For A Multiscreen World

From Fast Company Design – Mark Noad’s excellent take on the classic London Tube map. This explains so much (though there is still no excuse for the Northern Line). The London Tube Map, Redesigned For A Multiscreen World

Bus stuck in street hole – Montreal – CBC News

Bus stuck in street hole – Montreal – CBC News. I think this is a hoax perpetrated by Toronto. Or possibly a hole perpetrated by Toronto. Either way.

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