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Cruelly mis-used surname of the day

Forgot about the term “tayloris[or -z]ation” until now. I prefer it to mean “the lightening of mood through the use or butchery of regional accents.” But no…

From the aptly-named Mid-Career programme on Office Building Design, we find this about the development of building typology: “Offices…gradually became more open, abandoning the structures of ‘domestic’ architecture in favour of more efficient organisational methods borrowed from industry, such as division of labour, ‘taylorisation‘ of tasks and tighter hierarchical control. The office became a factory for producing administrative paperwork and archives.”

A quick dip into Wikipedia reveals that Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915) developed this “scientific organisation of work” in search of “The One Best Way” to produce maximum output. Apparently not to be confused with Fordism, “dont le taylorisme ne constitute qu’une composante.” (Yes, I was somehow routed to French-language Wikipedia).

At any rate, I’m sorry about the repetitive slavery introduced in the name of capitalism, and all I can say is I doubt this is direct lineage, because I’m clearly too disorganised to carry this guy’s bloodline. I’m sticking to the stupid-accents version.



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