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Getting recycling out of the house

Conference participant ducks out to lighten her load of hand-outs...

Though I cringe at the thought of all that money spent to tell us what we already know, public-realm recycling is overdue, and paying people to do it has proven out in places from Curitiba to Calgary. A nice accompaniment to the government’s recommendations would be a campaign to embarrass the morons who litter (often 5m from a bin) into changing their ways.

Bins that reward recyclers may help clean up the streets

Government review wants household habits to continue when people step outside

By Matt Chorley, Sunday, 12 June 2011

Too many people are abandoning their green credentials when they step outside their front door, ministers will warn this week as they unveil a blueprint to encourage more recycling on the go.

Progress has been made in encouraging domestic recycling, but while diligently separating glass, plastics and tins at home, people on the move are dumping a mountain on the street, officials believe.

Recycling machines which recompense shoppers for disposing of litter could be installed in high streets across the country as part of the Government’s waste review, to be published on Tuesday.

via Bins that reward recyclers may help clean up the streets – Green Living, Environment – The Independent.



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