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No plan to tackle zombies (but not too fussed)

This is just a GREAT news weekend. First the Marquess of Bath letting his “wifelets” bash it out, then pix of Kate in Trooping the Colours, and now this. Happy days…   No plan to tackle zombies, says council Friday, 10 June 2011   A city council has been forced to admit it has no … Continue reading

Cruelly mis-used surname of the day

Forgot about the term “tayloris[or -z]ation” until now. I prefer it to mean “the lightening of mood through the use or butchery of regional accents.” But no… From the aptly-named Mid-Career programme on Office Building Design, we find this about the development of building typology: “Offices…gradually became more open, abandoning the structures of ‘domestic’ architecture … Continue reading

Procrastination, thy name is connectivity

OK, must finish Sustainable Urban Design assignment TODAY, but only have 5.7hrs remaining on my Sketch-Up evaluation period, and I’m not that fast. I can submit sketches to show flood planning, right? Yeah, of course I can. It’s not like I want to pass or anything…

Getting recycling out of the house

Though I cringe at the thought of all that money spent to tell us what we already know, public-realm recycling is overdue, and paying people to do it has proven out in places from Curitiba to Calgary. A nice accompaniment to the government’s recommendations would be a campaign to embarrass the morons who litter (often … Continue reading


You can tell a lot about a city by its burial plans. These are London’s: when and where space will run out, who chooses burial over cremation and why, the fact that overall deaths per annum are projected to drop in the next 20 years or so (are we all going to kick it in … Continue reading

Ugly word of the day: Educationalist

To be fair, there are environmentalists, survivalists and apparently mentalists, and we’re used to all of those, so what’s the problem? It’s spiky, awkward, unattractive and seems to be angling for the job of unassuming yet less-syllabic “educator” or, formerly, “teacher”. Speaking of spiky and unattractive, tried to like the Barbican again today. Am getting … Continue reading

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