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Desperate sprawl developer gives away cars with houses | Grist

Desperate sprawl developer gives away cars with houses BY SARAH GOODYEAR / 26 APR 2011 My head nearly exploded at the breakfast table on Saturday morning. I was reading a piece in The New York Times about an Illinois developer who has finally found a way to unload the new houses he has built some 50 … Continue reading


Ruined word of the day: Fungible. Ex: “ISTEA funding is flexible – almost fungible – encouraging a multi-modal approach to planning.” Oxford American Dictionary: (adjective/Law) able to replace or be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable: money is fungible—money that is raised for one purpose can easily be used for another. DERIVATIVES fungibility ORIGIN late 17th … Continue reading

Rise up!

… from itself? UPDATE: UCL has agreed to discuss our concerns about the quality of our programme, and about our “starchitect” course in particular. Step one, anyway. Ah, Springtime, and revolution is in the air… Egypt’s 2008 general strike, Columbia University’s 1968 student protests, South Korea’s 1960 revolution all took place in April. Granted, these were … Continue reading

Deadheading in the Commons

Streatham Common Park Rangers and services pruned. lopped. pollarded. hewn. deadheaded. okay, axed. I shouldn’t poke fun. It just seems vastly unfair that I’ve discovered Streatham Common’s lovely Rookery gardens right as they’re about to come under the Lambeth Council axe. As an admittedly small part of widespread national cuts imposed by central government, the … Continue reading

Bringing co-working to the streets

Found this while trolling for NON-ruin-porn images of Detroit this afternoon. No wonder so many offices are vacant… at least in summer. February 12, 2010 Over the past couple of years, coworking has been gaining momentum and attention. It is bringing a new and more flexible way of working to cities by helping people to … Continue reading

The self-consuming city

Starbucks? a hotel? condos? If the building survives, it won’t complain. What offends it is being called a dangerous structure. And all the bastards pissing on it, but it’s used to that.

Postcode politics

SE and SW are the new N. Eat it.

To garden or not to garden

Rule #13: Ivy grows twice as fast while you’re sleeping.

Lost in Bankside

Or, at least as lost as it’s possible to be in about 20 square blocks laced with railroad tracks and construction fences… Spent a thoroughly enjoyable morning wandering this intensely mixed-use neighbourhood with the Bankside Residents Forum and about a dozen new and old residents. Like most of central London, the area is extremely dense, home … Continue reading

Kissing a legend goodbye

Montreal’s Hour Magazine lamented by its own Three Dollar Bill Bugs smooches mentor Nick Auf der Maur Richard Burnett , 7/4/11 –  Well, it has come to this: The global decline of newspapers has claimed yet another victim, Montreal’s venerable Hour magazine, at least as you’ve known it, which for almost 20 years has always … Continue reading

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