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Arrival City film trailer is up!

Arrival City film trailer is up!


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  • Just dropped a pair of sweat-/track- pants by the bed for the thousandth time before turning in, and realised the habit of having clothes - and glasses - to hand came from being in an abusive relationship (and then being stalked). That was only 3+ years of individual 'aversion therapy', and I imagine surviving a fire, war, earthquake or flood even once would develop similar responses. I wonder what useful habits our whole species could develop with similar personal threat levels? What a dark experiment that would be... I'm sure there are still a few experts from WW2 or the CIA's heyday floating around out there who could consult for a reasonable fee.
  • Ahh - feels like finishing a jig-saw puzzle: just finished planning a day-trip, a conference weekend, 2 months on a traveling gig, and a round of holiday visits. The future's looking much more settled now.
  • A quick shout-out to another blog I co-edit and contribute to, HMS Beagle Project, just named one of the top 50 female science blogs of 2012 by Open University! Congrats and huge thanks to US biologist and NASA astronaut candidate (really!) Dr Karen James, UK science communicator extraordinaire and Olympic mega-fan Anna Faherty, Australian PhD candidate and tall-ship sailor Rachel Slatyer, the enigmatic and equally Aussie Captain Skellett, and Dr Claire Goodwin, curator in charge of marine biology at the National Museums of Northern Ireland, and a fine photographer to boot. Hats off to our male colleagues, while we're at it - good bunch all around ;>
  • I hate relying on Starbucks. But I hate going without caffeine, toilets and wifi too. Such a whore for convenience.
  • Ponder of the week: Fourth planet found in the potentially habitable Goldilocks Zone of a 'neighbouring' star. In a press release, team member Steven Vogt of UC Santa Cruz said: “The detection of this planet, this nearby and this soon, implies that our galaxy must be teeming with billions of potentially habitable rocky planets.” But do they call? No.
  • 2 for 2 on grant applications this month! Quick, write more (and buy lottery tickets...).
  • Something delicious about solo train travel for work, isn't there?
  • Word of the week: Nugatory - Wiktionary lists 3 sets of synonyms along the lines of trivial or invalid, and all of which are more commonly in use. Alt. Definition #1: "I had to make my already-dull report seem more academic." Alt. Definition #2: "Where sinful candy goes to await Judgment."
  • Professional events are much better without name-tags. Eliminates both the air of desperation and the cruelty of triage.
  • Word of the Week: Curtilage (no, not cartilage) - According to Wikipedia, "the curtilage is an important legal term to define the land immediately surrounding a house or dwelling...but excluding any associated 'open fields beyond'... where 'intimate home activities' [why that doesn't have its own wiki amazes me] take place. It is an important legal concept in some jurisdictions for the understanding of burglarytrespass, and in relation to planning controls. [i.e. when you can shoot people in the US, and where you can't have double-glazed windows in the UK] "... it may be a matter of some legal debate as to where the private area ends and the 'open fields' start." [See above re "when you can shoot people"] "Curtilage is rarely mentioned by name in fiction [again, shocking]; however, in Dirty Sexy Money ... one of the characters, Letitia, is under house arrest ... and her lawyer defends her right to be outside on her lawn, since it is covered under curtilage." I wonder if you can get that in blue? Sorry. I'm easily amused.
  • There is no decent delivery in my neighbourhood - not even Deliverance delivers. That's good, right?
  • Bus stuck in street hole - Montreal - CBC News. I think this is a hoax perpetrated by Toronto. Or possibly a hole perpetrated by Toronto. Either way.
  • Ruined word of the day: Fungible. Ex: "ISTEA funding is flexible - almost fungible - encouraging a multi-modal approach to planning." Oxford American Dictionary: (adjective/Law) able to replace or be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable: money is fungible—money that is raised for one purpose can easily be used for another.DERIVATIVES fungibility ORIGIN late 17th cent.: from medieval Latin fungibilis, from fungi ‘perform, enjoy,’ with the same sense as fungi vice ‘serve in place of.’Much more intrigued by the idea that mushrooms are linked with performance and enjoyment, and truly hope that there is a Manga character out there somewhere with a floppy hat whose English name is "Fungi Vice." Also up for the introduction of "fun giblets" at the holidays. What's your Ruined Word of the Day?
  • SE and SW are the new N. Eat it.
  • Rule #13: Ivy grows twice as fast while you're sleeping.
  • Rule #1: Express spontaneous happiness in London and you will immediately lose your Oystercard. This happened three times within the last four months, when (a) I'd just ended a really fun evening, (b) two strangers in a row were randomly kind, and (c) a long-lost friend responded to my psychic shout-out and texted as I left a cinema. A dullard - or a quite nice guy at Oystercard customer service - would point out that as my iPhone case frequently catches the card and then lofts it away when I pull both out of my coat pocket, I ought to just keep the card in my wallet. But I think there's something to this. The city doesn't like too much happiness - it's not good for business.


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